Pen made from recycled paper

Being kind to the planet does not have to mean that the world has to be plain and grey, these pens prove that as each one has been from single sheet of recycled A4 paper. Naturally it is going to be pot luck on what was initially printed on the paper, but hey this is good for trees and the planet isn’t it!

These are the specs and further details for the stylish Paper Pen;

PAPER PEN – This energy- and resource-efficient, eco-friendly pen is made of recycled A4 sheet of paper. Simple and cool! It is a handmade pen, from a rolled-up sheet of scrap paper. No sheets were specially printed for the pen – instead all the paper was gathered from offices. Each sheet is different, which means that no two pens are the same. It is as if the paper has been reincarnated as it comes to office in a different form.

Priced at around £4 each

Source [Oh Gizmo]