The State of America

It is very rare that any of us get to go to all parts of the USA; usually it is the normal holiday spots of Florida, California or New York. However, it interesting that this work of art has popped up, it is like a sort of info graphic for the USA as it displays each region with a few well chosen words and therefore making it easy for us to decide where to go for our next holiday in the USA.

These are the features and details covering this interesting work of art;

“America in my book” is an illustration of the United States, based on silly (and I might add ignorant) stereotypes through the eyes of a Californian (me). The print is 11x17inches. If you’re interested in another size, email me at haleyforetsy [!at] and we can work something out! It’s printed on high-quality, white, 80-pound matte paper.

Priced at $18 this price does not include the frame!

Source [Incredible Things]