The brilliant Tweet Topic Explorer

This is a cool tool could Tweet Topic Explorer, it analyses any Twitter ID to create a visual display of a sort of word cloud representing frequency of use in the size of the word circle.

I have created a new tool to help see which topics a person tweets about most often. It also shows the other twitter users that are mentioned most frequently in their tweets. I call it the Tweet Topic Explorer. I’m using the recently described Word Cluster Diagrams to show the most frequently used words in their tweets and how they are grouped together. This example below is for my own account, @JeffClark, and shows one word cluster containing twitter, data, visualization, list, venn, and stream graph. Another group has word, cloud, shaped, post etc. It is a bit hard to see in this small image but there is a cluster about Toronto where I live and mentions of run, marathon, and soccer. Also, there are bubbles for some of the people on Twitter I mention the most often: @flowingdata, @eagereyes, @blprnt, @moritz_stefaner, @dougpete.

Source [Cool Info Graphics]