The Geek Zodiac

There are plenty of zodiac tables and other methods of getting advice on which way to turn when an important decision is there to be made, but what Geeks, what do they have?

Well it seems that they do actually have their own form of zodiac symbols and table. However, as you can imagine it is going to be slightly off the wall and consists of science fiction and fantasy characters or symbols. The Geek Zodiac is from an idea of James Wright and it has been carefully designed by Josh Eckert.

Below is the small print at the bottom of the graphic, just for those folks who like to make sure that there is nothing hidden in the small print at all.

† This is not to say that Ninja and Samurai are the same, only that they tend to appear around the same time and often in the same stories. And yes, Jedi Knight falls under this category (but depending on your reading, Han Solo would be either Pirate or Treasure Hunter).

* Also includes those who hunt the undead.

** “Desenrascanço (loosely translatable as “disentanglement”) is a Portuguese word used, in common language, to express an ability to solve a problem without having the knowledge or the adequate tools to do so, by use of imaginative resources or by applying knowledge to new situations.” – Wikipedia

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