31 mph Wooden Bike from Norfolk

There are plenty of attempts at producing superfast bikes from the latest high tech materials, but how about making a fast bike completely from wood and glue!

It may sound crazy and yet there is a serious side to the project, because using modern materials is easy, but building something from scratch using wood takes a lot of thought and design principles.

However, it seems going for a world record is not as easy as team first thought, everything has to be done according to the rules if a world record is to be recognised and the team are on the verge of putting it to the test; if you want to support them check them out at Splinter Bike!

If that wasn’t enough, the team are also raising funds for ShelterBox, this is an international disaster relief charity, they provide emergency shelter and warmth to people affected by disasters worldwide, by providing a Shelter Box, the all in one survival box.

Inside the Eco-Shed in deepest, flattest Norfolk, a dream is about to be realised… Is it possible to build a 100% wooden bike and set a world land speed record? A friend of mine and I think it is – but most importantly for me at least, he is prepared to ride The Splinter Bike to prove it!

Source [Hela Blog]