Real hands free for Smartphone’s

This is the device that you need when your hands are otherwise engaged doing important stuff, such as washing up or even while in the bath, which incidentally was where the inspiration for this device comes from! It allows the user to operate the touchscreen of a Smartphone without the need of any hands, this is the nose doctor device and although it works, it does not look good. Of course, there is always the possibility that the wearer of this device could be mistaken for a plague doctor!

According to the creator of the Finger Nose, Dominic Wilcox, he said;

Finger-nose stylus for touchscreen technology from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

I sometimes use my touch phone in the bath. I know it is stupid. One problem I encounter is that when put my left hand in the water without thinking, it gets wet and unusable for touch screen navigation. It is too risky to try to hold and navigate with one hand. I found that I could use my nose to scroll but I could not see where my nose was touching precisely. It was at that point that I came up with this idea of a nose extension ‘finger’ that would allow navigation while my phone is firmly held by one hand.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]