Inside the Microsoft Home

The Microsoft Home is not a piece of new software it is in fact a complete fully working home built in 1994 inside the Microsoft Redmond Campus near the Executive Briefing Centre. It is supposed to represent the family home of the future when the entire home is connected, but what does this mean for us?

Check out the video for the full guided tour and see if this is what you think the home of future will look like or maybe this is just for the mega rich folks of the world.

Located on Microsoft Corp.’s Redmond, Wash. campus, the Microsoft Home is a place to explore technology scenarios that could transform the way we live in five to 10 years. Built as a full-scale model home in the company’s Executive Briefing Centre, the Home is used to explore practical applications of cutting-edge technical trends, and exhibit futuristic prototype technologies to a variety of industry and government leaders, partners and customers.

Source [Geeks are Sexy]