The Fanbrella with motorized fan

Living in the UK often means that during the summer it is going to be raining at some point, but you do not want to appear to be prepared for the downpour as that could be considered to be bad luck. However, this Fanbrella has a built in fan for when the sun is just too hot and it is umbrella so when it is raining you are covered! It is the best of both worlds without looking stupid.

Here are the specs and features for the brilliant designer Fanbrella combo;

The fan’s blades collapse along the umbrella’s shaft, so that it is no larger than standard bumbershoots when closed. The spacious 57 1/2″ diameter polyester canopy has a PVC backing that blocks 98.6% of harmful UV rays for a UPF of 50+–the highest attainable. Equally effective against precipitation, the umbrella’s shaft and ribs are plastic, providing sturdy support, but won’t rust like metal. Requires six AA batteries that provide 5 1/2 hours of continuous operation. Red. Closed: 39 1/2″ L x 2 1/4″ W diameter. (2 lbs.)

Priced at around £60

Source [Coolest Gadgets]