Be a MyFarmer for just £30

The National Trust (NT) is looking for group of people to sign up as online farmers on a project known as MyFarm. Each member will be required to pay a £30 per year subscription and the NT looking for ten thousand members to sign up and work with the manager of The Wimpole Estate, Richard Morris on the way that the farm is run. Voting on farm matters will take place every month and there is a forum for members to discuss other matter already running.

These are the details of the actual farm taking part in the MyFarm project;

The farm is on Wimpole Estate, near Royston in Cambridgeshire. It has a long history – it had a reputation as an experimental farm way back in the late 18th century, when it was run by the Earl of Hardwicke.

The whole estate is 2500 acres

Mix of arable land, pasture, woodland, lakes and gardens

Currently produces meat, eggs, wheat and oil seed rape

Mainly clay and chalk soil

So if you fancy yourself as online farmer, then why not visit the MyFarm site for more information.

Source [BBC]