The Hive for the iPhone 4

So you know what the Hive device is for, but what does it do? Well this is a new device that amplifies the iPhones speaker and enlarges the devices screen. it is about to go into production so long as the team behind the device are able to get enough funding through the Kickstarter funding platform where ideas are able to raise funds to develop new products.

The interesting point about this device it that there are no electronics and therefore the Hive device requires no power input too and yet it is still able to provide a double magnification of the iPhone screen, which is great for watching video or just for surfing the net. It is estimated that the finished product will be costing around $45, but with Kickstarter, there is a chance to become a backer of this idea.

According to the man behind the Hive device, Jake Waitzman he said,

“The goal was to design a product that fits somewhere between the iPhone and iPad, but it had to be affordable to consumers. We found available electronic and digital systems that could be integrated, but we would not be able to protect those existing patented technologies simply as a combination of the two elements. We did not want to create a mini-laptop, so we decided to do something more radical. Our research revealed not a single product that provided both benefits without the use of power.”

Source [Technabob]