The RES – Recycling Entertainment System

Re-using or recycling is becoming an interesting concept these days, especially when it comes to using old tech. this means that we get to see some real cool old stuff working again even if the job that it is doing is not exactly what it was intended for.

Take the RES – Recycling Entertainment System, it uses six Nintendo Entertainment System’s (NES) controllers that have been connected to a chip centre, the signal from the controllers is converted into MIDI signals. These signals are then be picked by a computer running Resware that is able to convert the signals into sounds, now you have an electronic orchestra, how cool is that?

These are the features and details for the excellent RES – Recycling Entertainment System;

The Res uses six Nintendo Entertainment System’s controllers [containing MC 14021 BCP chips] that are connected to a main chip [Atmel Mega 16 programmed in Basic] which reads and converts the signal from the controllers to midi. The midi output from the Res is connected to a computer that runs the Resware, a Max/Msp midi based software. Each controller is playing with a different sound bank, so players can mix like Dj’s and play as a group, like a band.

Source [Oh Gizmo]