Giant Asteroid to pass between the moon and the earth!

On the 8th November a giant asteroid measuring hundred metres wide and weighing in at fifty five million tons will pass between the moons orbit to pass the earth with just 201,700 miles to spare, the moon is 238,857 mile away, making Asteroid YU55 the largest object to pass earth without actually colliding.

This is scary stuff because what if the NASA people have made a slight mistake or that the earth’s gravity has a stronger pull on the asteroid!

NASA spokesperson Don Yeomans said: ‘On November 8, asteroid YU55 will fly past Earth and at its closest approach point will be about 325,000kms away.

‘This asteroid is about 400 metres wide – the largest space rock we have identified that will come this close until 2028.’

It will be long couple of days on the lead up to the 8th November with plenty of speculations being made as to what will happen, if anything!

Source [Daily Mail]