See Through Walls with this Backpack!

This may sound like something straight out of sci-fi show, but this back pack really can see through walls up to a distance of twenty feet, it does not give the viewer a clear picture. However, the device produces more like a radar type image; this can also be relayed to a Smartphone or laptop via a Bluetooth connection allowing the whole team to be involved with what is going on!

“The Prism 200c is a real success in product evolution and development,” said Steve Williamson, Prism product manager at Cambridge Consultants. “We are extremely pleased with the redesign of our original through-wall radar, which is based on the thoughtful feedback of many customers and operators in the field. For Prism 200c, we increased the battery life so it can now last up to eight hours and significantly reduced its weight. Cambridge Consultants takes great pride in responding to new requirements and developing complementary products that meet the needs of our partners across geographic and vertical markets.”

Source [Coolest Gadgets]