Rollerblader Activates Speed Camera at 40mph!

This is one of those stories that many people have been waiting for; it is where a speed camera snaps something other than a vehicle breaking the speed limit.

So the thing is that here we have a twenty eight year old guy, Sam Tuffnell from Brighton, who is determined to activate the speed camera located on a street in Hastings, East Sussex.

The street has a speed limit of 30mph and the rollerblader has no additional power, just the will to get the speed camera to flash and naturally his pals were there to video the stunt in full!

According to Neil Hopkins, from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership;

‘Having reviewed the footage, it is obvious that this stunt is nothing short of extremely foolish,’ he stated.

‘It is almost inconceivable that anyone would attempt such a dangerous stunt at night, dressed mostly in black, on a road that’s in use.

‘This sort of activity should always take place off the road under supervised conditions and with protective clothes.’

Source [Metro]