The Ringbow for touch screen users

Touch screen devices are cool to use but sometimes it is so easy to double touch a button and before you realise it the device is dialling someone or visiting a website, this is the problem with a device that does require the use of a mouse, but where the idea for the Ringbow device comes in.

Naturally, this it is early days on this one, but it really does have possibilities for the owners of tablets and Smartphone’s, it is very interesting and has the possibility to control menus, toolbars and dialog boxes. This will make the whole operation of the touch screen device and ring combo a great piece of kit to have, so long as the price is right or course.

Here are some features on the Ringbow device from the designers;

Ringbow allows the user to surpass the traditional 2D touch screen control scheme, facilitating “menu-less” navigation and accessibility, together with at-distance control. Ringbow makes touch screen interaction far more fluent and productive, eliminating the need to actually display menus and other virtual elements, such as toolbars and dialog-boxes. Ringbow also enables controlling virtual elements and their properties without touch.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]