UK climber tweets from Mt Everest

Not only is he the first person to reach the summit of Mt Everest to make a call and tweet from 30,000 feet, but he has the coolest name too! UK climber Kenton Cool has become the first person send a tweet from the top of the highest mountain in the world and he did using a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Cleverly, this is a great piece of marketing and PR as the whole thing has been sponsored by Samsung, who supplied Cool with the device and clearly the T Shirt too! He unboxed it at the base camp and used the device once he reach the top, of course he should have also checked in on Foursquare too, he would be the mayor for a long time.

The 3G signal has been possible by the Nepali phone operator Ncell, so you can get a signal at the top of Mt Everest, but where I live you cannot, so how does that work then?

Source [Mashable]