Give your loved one instant flowers

You know how it is, you are busy and suddenly you realise that it is a birthday, anniversary or worst of all mothers day, it is too late to get anything delivered and you are too far away to travel to take a bunch of service station flowers, in short, you are in trouble!

However, imagine this, two internet connected vases they can be thousands of miles apart and yet if you were to place a flower or a bunch of flowers into one vase, it would appear as a 3D image in the other, how cool is that! Unfortunately, this is only at the concept stage, but there is a ready market for something like and I for one would use it especially after that birthday incident!

The designer Yoshiki Matsuyama from Japan has thought of everything here, as the sender can add a digital message too, but one thing to remember the vases are linked and should the original die the copy would too!

Source [Oh Gizmo]