Microsoft Buys Skype!

Only last week it seemed that there was about to be a bidding war for the online phone service Skype with both Google and Facebook showing an interest in some sort of deal, but according to news coming from California. It seems that a deal between Skype’s owners and the software giant Microsoft has been done and that there is a press release ready and is expected to be released at around 13.00 GMT.

The deal is expected to be worth between $8 and $8.5 billion, which is a massive improvement over the $4 billion deals that Facebook and Google have been allegedly talking about.

Back in 2005, Skype was bought by the online auction site eBay for $3.1 billion, but then in 2009 the majority stake was taken on by a private investor group for a mere $1.9 billion.

For some this is deal that is difficult to understand, because Microsoft already have Live Messenger with around 330 million active users per month, whereas Skype only has 124 million active users every month! However, the key is in the 8 million Skype users who are paying for the service!

Source [Ars Technica]