The Pen that you can eat!

There are plenty of people around who chew the ends of their pens and pencils, there are even those folks that chew the pen down so far that they end up getting covered in ink, it is funny but surely there is a better way!

Well there is and it comes in the form of this edible pen design by Dave Hakkens, he has produced this design in order to come up with an edible pen cover rather than seeing people eat through plastic and wood!

These pens take their form from those retro candy necklaces and bracelets, but it was not that easy as naturally there has to be some trial and error in getting the recipe just right and to make sure that it tastes just right!

These are the details for these brilliant edible pens;

The candy, which is used, does not stick on anything and does not melt when it is in your hands. (To get an idea: It has the same texture as candy bracelets.)It contains 22 pieces and is filled with edible ink. The only thing, which is not edible, is the small point what you write with. When finished you throw it away or put in a new re-fill pen.

Source [Gajitz]