The SOS Poison iPhone App

Outside in the wild countryside or even the busy city streets there are plenty dangers lurking around and we are not talking about people and cars, what we are talking about is poisons and other toxic chemicals that can find their way into blood stream in a variety of way, but once bitten what do you do next?

Well believe it or not there is actually an app for that and this app has information on 252 substances as well as 72 plants too. However, it does not just stop there as the app also comes with remedies and advice on what to do in a situation such as this.

The SOS Poison iPhone App has almost all the answers that you need to act immediately should the unexpected happen. The App is based on the Poison Manual, which is what the health care professionals would use in the event of poisoning anyway, at least this way the user is able to look after the victim while they wait for the emergency services to arrive.

These are the details and specs for the SOS Poison app for the iPhone;

The Poison Manual for children is the First Aid in case of poisoning. With 252 names of substances and 72 plants accompanied with first aid advice, you are told what to do. That is quite a relief for caring parents. Imagine, you walk in the forest with your child and you see it chewing on a berry it apparently picked. Alternatively, during your holiday the wee one drinks from a bottle that contains cleansing agent.

Priced at around £4 from the iTunes Store

Source [Coolest Gadgets]