Five Feet Tall Robot for £700!

It may seem amazing that you are able to get your hands on a brand new robot for that same price as a computer or big screen TV, but that is exactly what the personal robot helper is.

Introducing Luna built by RoboDynamics, it comes with expansions ports and even an eight inch touch screen display that appears to be a face. There are also two built in cameras, microphones and sensors, in short everything that the robot needs to move around without knocking everything over.

For extra features, the Luna comes with access to its own app store, which works in the same way that any app store does. Therefore, owners will be able to download different apps for according to their needs and requirements, let us hope that there is one for the vacuuming and tidying up the kid’s rooms, job done!

This what the product designers behind the RoboDynamics Luna, Schultzeworks had to say;

The RoboDynamics Luna is the world’s first personal robot integrating three unique feature sets: Luna is (1) completely expandable via expansion ports, (2) fully programmable with open standards and, above all, (3) affordable. The industrial design work for Luna addressed dual and conflicting demands between design and engineering. The engineering challenge was to incorporate the client’s existing and proven TiLR robot hardware, firmware, and drive train. The design challenge was to create an original and compelling techno-beauty that would engage users and invite interaction.

Priced at around £700 as and when this super cool robot is released.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]