Keep Fit in the office

This is something that does not happen that often, exercising in the office! However, with this GymyGym Workout Chair it seems that there are no more excuses for just sitting there eating and drinking in between work!

Built into this smart looking chair comes with four different work stations that are guaranteed to give almost every muscle group a good and thorough work out, without even the thought of popping out to the gym or the local fast food place either, it’s a win double!

These are the features and further details for the GymyGym Workout Chair;

Most people are never taught the proper seating posture and physically correct routines needed to avoid the repetitious movements that continually keep our bodies out of their proper alignment. The results cause a variety of chronic and acute physical health challenges including aches, pains and muscle stiffness that can over time grow into more serious problems, including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Spinal Stenosis – Spondylosthesis – Generalized Disk Disease

Priced at around $400

Source [Oh Gizmo]