Details emerge on Mass Effect 3

Some more details have been emerging from Bioware on the new game in the pipeline Mass Effect 3, unfortunately one of the announcements was to say that the release has been pushed back to sometime in 2012, which is disappointing for fans and for Bioware too.

Another announcement is that the game play will be having a reduced team, currently the team was supposed to be set a twelve members, but the designers have changes this to more manageable amount, although they have failed to tell us exactly how many will be in the team!

“We’re not going to have twelve again but we are going to do more with the characters on your squad including Liara, and Kaidan or Ashley. And we’re bringing everyone back – every main character is in Mass Effect 3 somewhere,” said director Casey Hudson.

To make the game play harder, the enemy will be made stronger, faster and more tactical, this will mean no more easy levels, the battle will rage right to the end of the game, with camping out in a safe place while the rest of team are out there making every shot count.

“We really want to make mobility a factor that plays into combat,”  “You’ll always ask yourself, ‘am I in the right position on the battlefield? Where are my enemies? How am I going to get from point A to point B?’ Players should never be walking into these safe places with great cover and stay there for the whole fight. It’s about how you’re going to move through the battlefield as the enemies move through the battlefield, and how they’re reacting to one another and to you.”

It is a shame that the game has been delayed by a number months, but there are some other good titles coming out during 2011, so 2012 will be the year for Mass Effect 3!

Source [Geeky Gadgets]