One shot or two Espresso gun

Espresso is one of those drinks that you either love or hate, fortunately these days more people like a shot or two of espresso every now and then, which means that designers will be coming up with some cool new equipment that allows the making of coffee easier and in this case fun too.

This is what Il Tiro the espresso shooter gun does, it takes the simple making of coffee and turns into a fun thing to do and at the same time in the end there is a lovely hot cup of espresso in front of you, do mind if I do thanks!

The Il Tiro is the work of designers Stefan Riegebauer, Christina Carli, Florian Kainz and Niko Schwarz, the idea is simple! water goes into the handle, coffee beans go into the chambers and by pulling the trigger makes the whole thing work, with the end result being a steaming hot cup of espresso.

Source [Technabob]