Technology teaches users to play the Harmonica

This is the Harmonica USB w video FlashHarp, it is a big name for something that is no larger than a standard flash drive. However, for anyone who has ever been impressed by the way that the pros such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger can just it up and make tune then this is definitely for you!

The device connects to the computer via the USB port and contained in the harmonica files are videos that show you how to play the thing, it is a real cool thing and would make the perfect gift for anyone who is looking for a new hobby to take up, just make sure that you get some ear plugs too!

These are the features for the 4GB Harmonica USB w video FlashHarp

Five Basic Steps to Playing” lesson video by The Backyard Harmonica Teacher w instructional “tab” sheet of “Oh, Susannah”

4GB flash memory (excluding formatting, video and “tab” sheet files) that lets you store and tote around tons of digital stuff

Recycled hard plastic box to protect device while still providing access to USB

Plastic cap for USB plug

Priced at $59.95

Source [Incredible Things]