Top Six Arcade Games of All Time!

If anyone can remember back to the 1980’s when pubs and motorway services where rocking to the new electronic sounds of the arcade games machine, then this is for you!

Of course, not everyone has to be in over thirty years of age in order to remember these games, as they have been re-released over and over again, as different platforms came onto the market.

However, we are talking about the original games that came in those large arcade style cases or on some occasions those stylish table type games that were good for two players and for a drink or two as well!

Here are the top six arcade games with a little detail too;

1. PAC MAN: Pac Man was one of the most popular Arcade Games of all times. It was developed in 1980’s by Namco.

2. GALAGA: Galaga is a fixed shooter Arcade Game developed in the year 1981 by Namco.

3. STAR WARS: Star Wars is one of the post popular Arcade Games, produced by Atari Inc.

4. MS. PAC MAN: Ms. Pac Man is a sequel to Pac Man and was launched in the year 1981.

5. STREET FIGHTER II: The Street Fighter II was launched in the year 1991 as a sequel to the original Street Fighter it was developed and marketed by Capcom.

6. GALAXIAN: Galaxian is a fixed shooter arcade game developed by Namco in the year 1979.

That is it, or do you have any other ideas as which games should be in the top six arcade style games.

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