Inside Microsoft’s New Data Centre

This is Microsoft’s new Chicago data centre of cloud computing with Windows Azure as you can see this is massive even by data centre standards and although there are no official records, it is believed to be the largest data centre in the world.

So what actually goes into running and building a data centre of this size;

It cost around $500 million

It covers a total area of ??70 million square feet

There are 56 40 foot shipping containers packed with web servers,

Within each container, there are around 1800 to 2500 servers,

Power consumption is 30 MW, which is much more than an ordinary data centre.

The building took;

2400 tons of copper,

3,400 tons of steel,

2.6 million cubic yards of concrete

190 miles of pipeline.

It will use cold air cooling so there is 7.5 miles of piping

Yet despite its size, there between 30 and 45 workers are working in it at one time and that includes monitoring and security personnel!

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