The CAMRA Good Beer Guide on the iPhone

Unless you are an expert, getting to know all of the pubs in the country and all of the beers that are available to drinkers today, it is going to be a full time task. This is good work if you can get it but unfortunately most of us are not that lucky and so we rely on other people.

However, remember that old saying, “There is an app for that!” and in this case there is and it is the Good Beer Guide app from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) so you already know that it is going to be great! It has information on around 4,500 pubs from around UK as well as the beers that are on sale there!

These are the features and details for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide Mobile app for the iPhone;

Complete entries for over 4,500 independently selected urban and rural pubs, giving details of beer, food, opening hours, accommodation, transport links, pub history, disabled access, facilities for families and more. The entire content of the pubs and brewery sections of the Good Beer Guide 2011 book is included.

Fully independent pub reviews, written by local CAMRA members.

Unique tasting notes for regular beers, written by trained CAMRA tasting panels. Any regular beers served at a pub have the full tasting notes about that beer.

Search from a postcode, place name, London tube station or auto-locate using GPS.

Interactive Google maps within the app help you find your way. Launch the full Google Map application to get step by step directions.

Save your favourite pubs so you can go back to them later, at the touch of a button.

Good Beer Guide Mobile remembers what you were last looking at so, when you restart the app, you will be back where you were.

Changes to pubs that are reported to CAMRA between editions are automatically updated in the app.

This app is priced at £4.99 and is downloadable for the iTunes store

Source [iTunes]