The DTV Shredder

You have seen the Segway in action, so now see the DTV Shredder in action this is an all terrain vehicle that works on the same principle as the Segway except that it is powered by a brilliant 200 cc engine that powers it all the way to 30 mph!

What’s more when combined with a trailer the DTV Shredder is well capable of pulling along a pay load of 1200 lbs, so it is clear that there are some possibilities for this machine, fun and work the best combination there is.

However, forget pulling cargo around, this machine has been designed to blast around a muddy course with plenty of water, hills and other obstacles there cannot be a better way of spending a free weekend than blasting this thing around and once you have finished there, then it is off to the superstore for the weekly shop!

These are the features and specs for the brilliant DTV Shredder the all-terrain vehicle;

Compact, powerful and fast all terrain vehicles. Innovative and unique design. Top speed of 30mph. Travel up slopes up to 40 degrees. Incredibly manoeuvrable. Adrenaline junky thrill ride. Engine: 18hp

Priced at £3,500

Source [Coolest Gadgets]