The Flexbook Concept Netbook

It seems that netbook design is taking a few steps forward with this idea from the Taiwan based designer Hao-Chun Huang; it has been created as his entry for the Fujitsu 2011 Design Award competition.

As the name suggests the Flexbook is just that, a netbook that is able to fold down to a smaller size so that it can be used as an e-reader or tablet device, this is made possible because the device will be using an OLED flexible screen.

According to the available details, this netbook would also be waterproof due to the changeable coloured rubber skins, which is another feature that many users would be interested in as water even just a little can be a netbook killer!

OLED displays are definitely a way for netbook designers to come up with exciting new designs just like this one, as the cost of OLED displays fall we should see this technology used more widely.

Source [Technabob]