The mini RC from iPhly

If you have ever those guys with remote controlled cars, boats and planes, you will know that the actual remote control devices are huge and heavy too! However, apparently it does not have to be that way, especially if you get your hands on the iPhly device that turns you iPhone into a remote control device. Naturally, as we like to say there is an app for that! It is already available on the iTunes site, it is a free download but the iPhly device will cost the buyer around £75!

This is quite an interesting piece of kit, so small and yet once it is combined with the iPhone it is able to take control of almost all remote controlled models.

iPhly turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an R/C transmitter. Now you can fly R/C airplanes and helicopters or drive R/C cars with the tilt sensors in your iPhone. See a video demonstration at iPhly is Open Source. You can download source code and schematics at iPhly can act as a joystick for PC flight simulators if you install a free Windows driver.

Source [Oh Gizmo]