Best Wishes with Talking Recordable Envelopes

There is a good and bad side to these Talking Recordable Envelopes, first you can record any message that you want, and it could even be a piece of music or a funny sound effect so the actual principle of these Talking Recordable Envelopes is interesting. However, there is potential to send annoying or rude sounds too, even comments or threats. yet mostly we would like to think that something like this would be used by someone to bring cheer and good wishes to someone, but not everyone thinks like that these days, check the cards out;

These are the features and details for the Talking Recordable Envelopes;

Recordable messages up to 10 seconds.  Yes, you can re-record your message as often as you desire.

The talking envelopes now come in a NEW LARGER SIZE and fit both 5 x 7 and 6 x 8 cards.

Easy Record button inside.

Your message will play each time the envelope flap is opened – up to 300 times.

Records your own song/ messages up to 10 seconds.

Yes, you can re-record your message as often as you desire.

Instructions: Simply press button and record message into speaker.

Talking card automatically plays message each time the flap is opened.

Uses a standard pull tab module – same as our popular photo greeting cards.

Thick, durable paper stock for protection during mailing.

The post office has instructions for hand stamping only – added protection.

Durable 12 pt. paper stock

Aqueous coated. Please use sharpie marker or 2″ x 4″ label for easy addressing.

Priced at around £4 ($5)

Source [Incredible Things]