Levitating Jet Train

This is stuff from the future, I always believed as a boy that when the 21st century came the world would be full of trains such as this. It seems that one day they may be, but few decades too late though!

This is the work of Japanese researchers; it is called the Aero Train, even though the body actually has the appearance of a small jet. The idea is that this train creates a cushion of air between it and the surface of the track and with so little drag; the engines are able to push it along to around 124 mph!

The design prototype has already been shown off at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics. However, is there any future in a train that carries so few people? Whereas maybe the direction should be towards a mass transit system that is able to carry hundreds of passengers at one time.

The concept is cool and works in the prototype, but as it is scaled up, there are issues with size, weight and how much energy is required to power the whole system. Let us see what they come up with next before we pass judgement on the Aero Train once and for all though!

Source [Coolest Gadgets]