Realistic robotic arm

Researchers at the German based, DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics have created an advanced arm suitable for robots or even to be used in prosthetics.

The video looks a bit creepy, as the man with the baseball bat appears to be getting too much please from bashing up something that cannot fight back yet.

Therefore, there are a couple of cool things here, first of all, this technology demonstrates that replacing a lost limb with a stronger and yet more flexible artificial limb could be viable.

Then there is the issue of Terminators and Sentry guards, at some point a big corporation is going to begin to produce robots that initially are designed to make out lives easier, but once we start questioning what is going on, then its game over!

In reality, we would like to think that robots could be used to do those jobs that appear to be too dangerous or dirty. However, we have been brought up with stories of Cylons, Terminators, and iRobot; this is the problem with advanced technology and the people who are in control of it!

Source [Technabob]