ASDA offers Tech Trade-In

The supermarket chain ASDA are offering a service that to some people would appear to be another way of making money out of consumers, while on the other hand this is service that busy people could be interested in!

The scheme is the Tech Trade-In, this is where consumers are able to get cash for their old tech, such as computers, TV’s, digital cameras, sat navs and games consoles. They are not going to get top price for this stuff and if they had the time and the inclination, they could probably get double from a boot sale or even on eBay.

However, as with many services this is something that some people will take up because it is easy and save time.

This is what ASDA has to say about the Tech Trade-In offer;

Trade-in your old mobile phones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Sat Navs, PSP’s and the Nintendo DS and we’ll recycle them for you. Pop them in the post to us and we’ll give you up to £250 cash! If you find that you can get more cash from Envirofone, Mazuma, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Boots we will give you the difference guaranteed!

Source [PC Pro]