Concept Charger Sofa

We have all experienced that rush of wind that happens when a train travels through the London Underground or any other metro train system, so why can’t these gusts of air be used to produce power?

Well they can if this concept design from Tao Ma he has used a bench design fitting with fans that spin in the rushes of wind and in turn, the fans produce energy, which can then be stored in batteries.

This free power can be used for lighting or if the rail company is feeling generous passengers could get a quick power boost for their mobile devices, either way this cool energy production with prospects.

This what the designer of the Charger Sofa, Tao Ma had to say about the reasoning for the sofa;

Every day, at the Subway station, the train run into and out of the station will bring so strong wind so many times. Why not use this high wind charge? Many people waiting the train, they have 5-10 mins to charge their mobile device. The charger sofa will help their enjoy this. Environmental protection charge experience! At the back of the charger sofa, hide in the many plants, you will find the charge lines, lots of brand for easy choice.

Source [Gajitz]