HM Treasury under attack

It seems that the HM Treasury are under constant attack from cyber criminals, in fact the department is getting around twenty thousand malicious emails per month, as well as around sustained attacks on the treasury’s systems, this is averages out at one attack per day!

According to the Chancellor, George Osborne, he said that; “hostile intelligence agencies made hundreds of serious and pre-planned attempts to break into the Treasury’s computer system” which we now know, “it averaged out as more than one attempt per day”.

It is easy for staff to be fooled, because as he said, “To the recipient it would have looked like the attachment had been sent twice,” luckily it seems that the IT dept is on the ball here as “Fortunately, our systems identified this attack and stopped it.”

The government have plans to spend around £650 million on a national cyber security programme, but as we have seen in the past government IT projects very rarely come in on budget and in many cases do not actually do the required job either.

Source [Guardian]