FA Cup final fans make history

During the recent FA Cup final between Manchester City and Stoke City, fans at the game become part of Wembley history as the stadium created its first 360 degree panoramic photograph, which within twenty four hours of being shot; it was fine tuned and uploaded to the Wembley 360 website.

This is an incredible feat, with over a thousand images being taken of the ninety thousand strong crowd. However, it does not end there because anyone that was there can check out the image and tag themselves; so far, just under twenty thousand fans have done so and in the process have become part of this historic image.

The image is the work of photographer, Jeffrey Martin, he used a pro Digital SLR with zoom lens this was mounted on a custom built programmable robotic tripod head. While the image was finished off on a specially built Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius R670 workstation, this equipment uses a massive 192 gigabytes of RAM and 24 CPU cores, so you can see the sort of technology involved in making this image.

Fans wanting to get their tags onto the image, they will need to check out the Wembley 360 site, where there are further details on how to get your tag on!

Source [Mashable]