Facebook using parents name baby “Like”

Sometimes it seems that obsessions can become just too much for everyone to even comprehend, as is this case with Lior and Vardit Adler from Tel Aviv, after naming their latest addition to the family “Like” after the button used on the social networking site Facebook.

However, could this become a trend, with social networking taking up so much of our time, perhaps this is going to become a growing trend, maybe we will be seeing the use of Twitter and the names of other sites being used for names?

According to the girl’s father Lior Adler;

To me it is important to give my children names that are not used anywhere else, at least not in Israel. If once people gave Biblical names and that was the icon, then today this is one of the most famous icons in the world, he said, joking that the name could be seen as a modern version of the traditional Jewish name Ahuva, which means “beloved.” I believe there will be people, who will lift an eyebrow, but it is my girl and that is what’s fun about it.

What we would like to know is, if you were to call your newborn a name associated with the internet or technology, what would it be?

Source [Gizmodo]