Just how secure is Google

To be more precise we are talking about the security that the world’s largest search engine Google, has installed in its data centres, in fact they are so pleased with the results that they have produced this cool video to show, just a safe data is in Google’s hands.

These data centres are like the villains lair in a James Bond movie, they are usually modern concrete structures that have been built to last and in order to get inside, Google have installed state of the art security measures, such as; biometric scanners alongside the 24 hour security, high fences and CCTV!

However, within the video there is more information on the technology being used by Google and what they actually do with all of their old or damaged equipment. With so many security breaches around the world, it is smart of Google to show just how they manage the data that the firm has stored on each and every one of us!

Source [Gizmos For Geeks]