Free iPad and Apps Essential Guide

Everything that the iPad or tablet computer owner has ever wanted to know about their device and the Top 250 app guides are free this weekend courtesy of the Telegraph, these forty-eight page guides offer a whole wealth of information, finished in a glossy magazine style!

The Essential Guide to the iPad and Other Tablet Computers

This is the first guide produced by the Telegraph; the guide covers almost everything that the iPad and tablet computer owner is ever going to need to know about the device and a lot more too!

The iPad and in fact all tablets are brilliant devices and this guide is literally essential reading for the new or experienced user as there is always something new to learn.

Some people would pay for the guide, but the Essential Guide to the iPad and Other Tablet Computers is Free inside The Daily Telegraph, on Saturday, June 21st.

The Best 250 Apps

If there is one thing that sets tablet devices apart from netbooks, it is the apps and the iPad has a serious amount of apps available from the Apple App Store, but sorting through sixty five thousand of them is no fun even for the most enthusiastic iPad owner.

This is where the Best 250 Apps comes in, chosen from the best this is the definitive guide to the top 250 apps for the iPad.

So how much would a guide such as this cost? Well it is Free inside The Sunday Telegraph, this Sunday, June 22nd

Source [Telegraph]