Mind controlled ear headband

These may appear to be funny ears or a fashion statement, but there is real cool technology involved in this design as the ears move but not by a programmed motor, but simply with the power of the mind!

This is the idea of a company called Neurowear; they develop items that use the wearer’s brainwaves to move the device, which in case is the ears! The ears move in accordance to how the person is feeling, they appear straight up when the user is alert, while when busy on something the ears lose their stiffness and droop down!

According the company website, this is a blend of fashion and science;

”neurowear” is the name of our project to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain waves and other biosensor with “Augmented Human Body” as the concept. Other than the first project “necomimi”, we are planning to development other various items.

Source [Gajitz]