Older women guilty of digital piracy

It seems that the rise of the e-reader and e-book has led to a rise in crime from an unexpected sector of the community! the data received in the Digital Entertainment Survey conducted by law firm Wiggin has revealed that one in eight women over the age of 35 who use an e-reader admitted to downloading unlicensed copies of their favourite books!

Before the growth of the e-reader and digital content, this particular group would have been the least expected to be involved in digital piracy and these results are worrying for the firms that publish digital content.

For a comparison, it is believed that only one in twenty women over the age of 35 would put their hands up to using copied digital music, so it is not a technology based issue, it is a book business issue and something that will be sounding alarm bells throughout the publishing houses.

According to Richard Mollet, the chief executive of the Publishers Association;

“The innovation in the digital marketplace and the strength of British publishers’ export performance is only possible because of the robust and flexible copyright framework which underpins the UK creative industries,”

Nevertheless, how the industry is going to tackle an issue such as this is going to require tact and sensitivity.

He added;

“Copyright ensures that authors, writers and researchers get rewarded for their talent and expertise, and that the publishers who support them see a return on their investment – particularly in their digital infrastructure.”

Source [Telegraph]