Samsung launches the Android Developer Forum

Samsung have unveiled its new web site for all Android developers. It is called unsurprisingly the Android Developer Forum; the idea behind this is to provide developers with all of the tools required for them to create some cool apps and games.

The Android Developer Forum has forums where developers are able to discuss all of the issues, news and just about anything new, but it must be about Android, as Samsung will be providing technical details on all of the company’s Android powered products.

Members will be able to make use of some valuable tutorials, software development kits and of course, there will be regular updates on hardware and software.

According to the Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd press release;

The Samsung Android Developer Forum will provide additional features and functionality specifically for the Android Developer via the existing Samsung Developers website ( Samsung Developers is a single destination for developers working with Samsung devices and is designed to provide news and updates and feature-rich content for technical advice and support. Samsung Developers draws in all of Samsung’s current development platforms (bada, Java, Widgets and Themes), providing a single integrated gateway, the latest SDK’s, tutorial videos and both hardware and software updates.

Source [The Inquirer]