Napster on iTunes

On the back of the recent Spotify music subscription service, they may find that the competition has just got stronger with the launch of the Napster app.

The app offers the iPhone owner access to the entire Napster catalogue for just £10 per month, it that is just a little bit too steep then there is the cheaper £5 per month home entertainment streaming option.

These are the features for the Napster app for the iPhone;

Some of the things you can do with Napster plus mobile access:

Save songs, albums, and playlists to play even when you’re offline

Kick back with playlists, recommendations, and Billboard® charts dating back to 1955

Create your own playlists for a customized listening experience

Save your last 100 songs played so, you can easily replay favourites

Automix your favourite song to create an instant playlist blending similar artists

Napster plus mobile access also allows unlimited access to Napster on the web from any browser. Please note: Songs saved to your mobile device will only remain playable during your Napster plus Mobile Access subscription membership. Napster is not responsible for any data charges that your mobile carrier may charge.

This is a free download from the iTunes site

Source [Pocket Lint]