NY Cuts mean Ghostbuster HQ at risk

The headquarters of Ghostbusters in the movie is in fact real working fire station, in fact the station known as Ladder Co 8 was one of first fire crews on scene at the 9/11 disaster in New York.

It seems that due to cutbacks, not all of the station houses are going to make it and yes, Ladder Co 8 is one of those on the list!

Therefore, you would that this would be an ideal chance for some Ghostbuster fans to buy this iconic building and turn into a museum or something.

However, this is a New York and not just any old part of New York either; this is lower Manhattan where property is worth millions. In fact, to put this into perspective, CNN star Anderson Cooper, paid $4.3 million for firehouse in Greenwich Village, so you can imagine what Ghostbuster central is going to cost!

No doubt this is not going be the end of this story, but if the authorities cannot afford the upkeep and there is nobody around willing pay millions of dollars for the building, then it would seem that Ghostbuster HQ could become a victim of redevelopment!

Source [NY Post]