RageGage is bashing fun

Office rage can be a bit embarrassing, especially if it is you who is ragging and everyone happens to be looking at you! So enter the RageGage it is what it says it is, when the rage builds thump the RageGage for instant relief and you can even add some celebrity voices in there too, just for fun you understand!

These are some features for the RageGage device, with choice of voices;

RageGage comes pre-loaded with a hilarious voice and a number of rage-tastic phrases. Additional fun-to-smash character voices such as faux politicians and “celebutards” include POTUS (our commander and chief), Lush Rimbaugh (right wing shock jock), and Valley Girl (a brain-dead, Chihuahua-clutching hotel heiress) are available at www.RageGage.com/Voices.  Users can even create their own custom RageGage voice and share it with friends online.

The RageGage comes with some pre-loaded games for some fun time and there are around nine different choices of colour to choose from.

This device connects to the computer via the USB port; it is a bit like one of those hammer games at the fun fair, where you have to try to ring the bell at the top, the harder you hit it the higher it goes!

Priced at around £15

Source [Coolest Gadgets]