The Urinal made from Super Nintendo game cartridges

It is no often that we actually get to say this, but this is really a man thing! Just imagine popping into the gents and seeing this thing on the wall in front of you. It would mean having to make a serious decision whether to go about your business or simply check out what games titles are there, decisions! decisions!

Unfortunately this is not something that is on public display currently, but it should be as every gamer would want one, even if it means losing the sink in your room!

According to the building of this great thing JJ Henricks,

“Building a video game urinal takes about eight hours of labor and costs roughly $200-250 (not counting the video games).”

Just to be on the safe side and to reassure all of the serious gamers out there!

“DISCLAIMER: No good games were damaged in the making of this video. All the video games used in this urinal were already broken or worthless sports games.”

This is one cool thing and you would expect to find this in a themed bar or a mega gamer’s store!

Source [Geekolgie]