Ever heard of Pacman Fever!

To find the origins of Pacman fever you have to look back to when the game was first launched, 1980! yes is was that long ago and according to Midway and Namco, Pacman is this highest grossing video of all time eating up and spitting out the competition, which in this case was Asteroids and Space Invaders.

Even Google got in on the Pacman act, with an anniversary doodle, which turned out to be the very first interactive Google Doodle, even though many fans failed to click on it to start it off!

It seems that Pacman Fever is one of those things where people begin to see Pacman everywhere or cannot stop playing the game. What makes the fever worse is the fact that after thirty years there is so much Pacman merchandise around that it is difficult not to see Pacman everywhere you go!

Source [Geeks are Sexy]