Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks about #Twitter!

It looks like the father of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee has got another string to his bow, following a fight for the case of net neutrality; he is speaking up against the micro blogging site Twitter!

It seems that he may be all for freedom and of course net neutrality, but when it comes to millions of voices and opinions of users of Twitter, he is not a fan and claims that Twitter is definitely not the place for the discussion of serious topics!

According to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as he spoke at the New Web conference at The Royal Society,

When the subject of net neutrality was being discussed on Twitter, “all the tweets were extreme.”

“Is Twitter going to be a part of (the future web)? We need something a bit more sophisticated,” he added.

He finished off on this subject by saying, “Twitter is not really designed for middle of the way discussion. Something should be.”

Source [IT Pro]